evenings is best time to call

leave a message if no one answers and I will return your call soon as possible

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Update 5/20/17, from today to the last day of May I'm doing a reverse countdown discount for phone in orders or email invoice

today's discount is 26% available between 3 Pm and 8 Pm MST. Tomorrows discount is 25% off, each day I'll drop off 1% till May 31st

at 15% then it's over. Starting June 1st we're back to the regular retail prices. I can also email you an invoice to your email address if you'd

rather order that way. I'll need your email address plus full spec's, you'll receive that day's discount based on your email date.

you can request the invoice anytime of day or night by email but keep the phone in orders to the times listed please

email orders






Guarantee is 7 days on materials & craftsmanship plus we will replace a rope as stated below

I personally guarantee our handles/risers for 8 weeks against failure, if a handle we made fails in

this time period we'll replace the rope. A full 8 weeks no matter how many rides, please dont wait to the 9th week to let me know

This does not cover any handle that has tipped up from use, that does not qualify as failure!


refund/rebuild policy: only if I made a mistake on your rope order! no exceptions

if it's not right and the mistake is not ours I'll work with you on a replacement but it will be same price plus shipping so make sure your spec's are what you want before placing an order

If you change your mind about ordering from me you have one week to cancel an order

after that I will not refund any paid order as it will be in process

You dont like working for free and neither do I, after the first week your order is being worked on and you are required to take delivery on completion then you can sell it yourself

I'm tired of getting stuck with rope orders cuz a bull rider quite riding and dont want it anymore

We're not taking partial payments or deposits anymore so please dont ask



Our back log is running 4 to 5 weeks plus or minus, some ropes are getting done sooner

Please be patient on your order

music video by Jason Pritchett, enjoy



If you have questions you need answered before ordering please feel free to call evenings

575 388 3346 hm(land line)

evenings or send me an email and I'll get back to you soon as possible

email me


15% discount through end of May on an order placed through this website. All call in orders are booked at a 10% discount

you'll see your discount in the shopping cart during check out if you order online

if you have question please email me or if you'd rather call in your order give me a call any evening

575 388 3346

ropes in stock

tying your bell knot

pro bull ropes, American offsets, JE series bull ropes, Brazilian bull ropes, American/Brazilian bull rope

Brazilian offsets, Brazilian style double braid loops for any rope made here

Nylon webbing wear strip, Custom built chaps, Instock chaps, Logo patches for your chaps,

Jwe pro grade rosins, rosin demo video, 8.0 quick release


Ryan Dirteater, Custom rope with the 8.0 release




Pads start at $55, embroidery adds $10 to embroider custom logo's, brands, initials or names under 15 letters

Pads have a 10% discount to the end of May

Add a pad to any rope order, not sold without a rope purchase! purchase a pad by itself without permission

from me I will refund your money minus the fee PayPal charges me for the refund. No exceptions

knuckle pad $35 - full under pad $55 - any pad with embroidery $65, even if its the knuckle pad so please add that one to the

shopping cart but put in the notes it's to be a knuckle pad


bull rope pad
color choice
American or Brazilian?
name or initials?





Normally $320 plus shipping, this was a custom order that cancelled from a career ending injury

once this rope sells I'll remove this add

Brazilian offset for sale: $225 plus shipping, only one available. The add to cart button will only allow a single purchase

7x7 Left, 3/4 full lace 1/4 skip lace. 11/16" handle, 3/4" tail


I have a tradional Brazilian right hand being traded back for a smaller handle, soon as it's back I'll post up pic's and details, normally $320 but I'll take $250 plus shipping. it has a 1" handle & tail






my method for tying the bell knot, I do not recommend any other method


Custom bull ropes

Mushy tails 5 plait and 7 plait

We braid the last 18" tight to minimize hanging a spur but the looser your rope tail the higher the risk of sticking a spur through the braid



9 plait double laced blocks

15% discount to the end of May

Standard 9 plait base handle or 9 plait wide flat braided base


je full size pro bull rope, 7 ft loop & 8 ft tail

je junior size pro bull loop, 6 ft loop & 6 ft tail

je pro steer rope, 5 ft loop & 5 ft tail

Please specify your color preference for the X stitching or keepers

in the notes below where it say's "Stitched loop or keepers"

Je pro bull ropes
poly colors
rise/handle slack
Handle spec's
right or left hand?
X stitch or keepers & color?











Applique' pronounced "Apla k" block bull rope, awesome block lacing

named after the saddle maker lacing that joins the two halfs behind the seat


15% discount to the end of May

Appliqué block bull rope
rope build
right or left hand?
poly color, white tan or black



15% discount to the end of May

$320 full size 7 ft & 8ft, $300 junior size 6 ft & 6 ft

9x9, 9x7 or 9x5 - 1", 1 1/2" or 2" offset, we recommend the 2 1/2 finger fit

or what we call a 2" rise respectively as measured at the center of the handle

Je Offset bull ropes
poly colors
Handle slack
Handle spec's
How much offset?
right or left hand?
X stich or keepers & color?








Center block offset 1"

block of my pro bull rope with the looks and feel of an offset as designed by the late master rope maker

Henry Forbes and taught to me before he passed, RIP my friend


15% discount to the end of May

Pro style Centerblock Offset bull rope
poly colors
Handle slack
plaits & widths
right or left hand?
keepers or stitched loop











Je series bull ropes

15% discount to the end of May

"A great rope at any price, it ain't hard to hold on to I think it's cause it's got such a stiff narrow block on it

and the body of the rope rolls with the handle it not only really let's you get out over the front end it also

makes it a lot easier to get your hand out of a bind. The rope forces your hand out before it turns all the

way over actually makes it hard to hang up to it" James Barns, KY


7 plait single laced blocks, no plastic cord in the handles, narrow block design

allows the whole rope to tip forward and back during the ride. add a custom pad for only $55 more

Conventional bull ropes,
poly colors
handle lacing
handle plait & tail plait & widths
nylon colors for keepers
right or left hand?
keepers or stitched loop?











Brazilian bull ropes


7X9, 7X7 or 7X5 can be custom ordered with any length loop and tail combination you need along with handle slack you specify

Traditional Brazilian bull ropes

Applique' block lacing (center pic) or standard lacing, let me know in the notes during check out

Dont forget to spec out a custom pad for your new rope

15% discount to the end of May

Brazilian bull ropes
poly colors
Handle rise/slack
Handle spec's, 7 plait handles only
right or left hand?
X stitch or keepers & color?










15% discount to the end of May

American/Brazilian bull ropes, add a custom pad for only $50 more

Brazilian bull ropes, American style
poly colors
Handle rise/slack
Handle spec's, 7 plait handles only
right or left hand?
X stitch or keepers & color?










1" to 2"- 2 1/2 or snug 3 finger fit for a rise of 1 3/4" to 2", handle base length averages 10"

Brazilian offsets, double block style



Brazilian offset 1" single block style

15% discount to the end of May

JWE Brazilian Offsets
poly colors
Handle rise/slack
Handle spec's, 7 plat handles only
How much offset?
right or left hand?
X stitch or keepers, color?
















Brazilian style double braid loop for your bull rope, you can add this material to any bull rope made here

Double braid (Brazilian style) loop installed on your rope, can be installed on any rope made here, keep in mind if your

adding this double braid loop to your rope the finger slack needs to increase a bit. if you're used to riding with a 3 finger handle

you should increase it to a 3 1/2 snug handle as the ropes with this loop tends to pull down a little tighter, we'll add an

extra 1/4" to the rise to compensate


DB colors





Jwe custom bull riding chaps start at $350 plus shipping body cut fringe with tooled tops and side billets

$450 plus shipping includes tooled tops, in body fringe two color and side billets with laser engraved bull riding pic you supply with

your favorite bible verse laser engraved on opposite side

You must email for an invoice or call me any evening at the contact info at the top of this page

most chap orders will take two months to complete

email me here

4/2/17 still available, the PayPal buy now button will only allow one purchase

$350 $300 plus shipping within the USA, shipped within 2 days of payment

this pair is not finished. On payment I'll complete the measurements to fit you, waist = 28" to 36" over the belt, mid thigh = to 22"

length can be cut 28" to 42". Front belt, thigh straps, inseam hemming to be finished after payment.

Please supply your measurements in the notes at check out, this is the only pair in stock for now guarantee'd to mail within a couple days of complete payment.

Simple basket weave stamp design with my website logo laser engraved on both yokes, side panel is a cowboy skull embroidered on blue metalic leather.

Body cut fringe made from designer delight turquoise from the hidehouse in California, should weigh around 4 Lbs when completed







Logo Patches for your chaps


$75 for one pair of logo patches installed plus $25 to ship your chaps back, your name across the top with a bull image

and/or double crosses along with my website name across the bottom these are 9" X 7" in size

usually fit near the bottom of your chaps. I'll heat press them on with a hot glue backing

then run a stitch around the border so they wont come off if they get stepped on

if you want something else besides my website logo it adds $50 more for the extra digitizing and set up

once payment is in I'll set up your logo patches and email or text message you the design for approval

once we're good on the design I'll get the patches built while your chaps are enroute. please purchase insurance

on your package with a tracking number. I'd recommend using

Fed Ex or UPS for your protection with a tracking number when you send your chaps

Available in the USA only

Logo patches, chap 9x7


nylon webbing wear strip

1" wide nylon webbing sewn onto the wear strip averaging 28" long

on a full size rope with three rows of stitching

I have this in blue, black, red, purple, pink or green










John Cambrons 8.0 quick release system

$140.00 installed on your new rope


Jwe dark amber rosin, my personal formula $20.00 per pound plus priority USPS shipping within the USA

Just the right amount of sticky, use as is or add glycerin to you're rope first for more stick, for any

international orders please email me for an invoice. No orders over 5 lbs within the USA, no orders over 4 lbs international

each order is shipped in a vacuum sealed plastic bag

my email

Light amber far left, middle is the dark Brazilian amber and we just added black rock rosin this week

All rosin is weighed on a postal scale then bagged in a vacuum sealed bag, guarantee you get every ounce you pay for

15% discount to the end of May


updated 1/31/2017 watch the video demonstration by James Barnes, you may need to turn your speaker volume up

your choice, dark Brazilian amber (very sticky stuff) or amber rosin (regular sticky) either rosin can be used by everyone, just added a black Brazilian style super sticky/gooey rosin by the 1/2 Lb. no orders for the kids of this rosin, it's just too sticky

Black rosin rock available by the 1/2 Lb or full Lb

15% discount to the end of April

Jwe Pro grade rosins





Y'all come back soon